Can the Court order my spouse to provide life insurance for the benefit of me and/or our children?

Yes, O.C.G.A. 19-6-34 specifically provides, “In any case before the court involving child suppoort, the court may include in the order of support provision for life insurance on the life of either parent or the lives of both parents for the benefit of the minor children. The court may order either parent or both parents to obtain and maintain the life insurance.”

How long will life insurance be required by the court? The court will only order life insurance until the children reach 18 years of age, unless the children are still in high school in which case the court will not order life insurance to be provided past the age of 20. However, the parties certainly can voluntarily agree to provide life insurance beyond age 20 if they so agree.

Can the court order my spouse to provide life insurance to benefit me?

Yes, the Supreme Court of Georgia has specifically found that the court has the ability to order a spouse to provide life insurance for the benefit of their former spouse. This is especially the case where the spouse is paying alimony. See generally, Ritchea v. Ritchea, 244 Ga. 476, Hawkins v. Hawkins, 268 Ga. 637