Contempt of Court

When a Court sets out various legal obligations of parties in a Court Order, failure of a party to follow that Court Order is considered to be Contempt of Court.

Contempt actions are filed for a multitude of reasons such as a parties failure to pay child support, failure to provide health insurance, failure to provide life insurance, failure to pay medical bills, failure to pay bills, disparaging a party in front of the children, failing to allow a parent to contact a child when he or she is in the care of the other party, denial of visitation, etc.

When a party is found by the Court to be in violation of a Court Order, the Court has various remedies available to address the violation. The Court can award attorney fees, can order a party to provide make up visitation time, can award interest on unpaid child support, and can also incarcerate a party. If a contempt issue continues to present itself, the Court’s patience is generally tried to the point that incarceration becomes more likely.