Sumner E. Riddick, II

Excellent all around! – Posted by FRANCE, a Child Custody client –

Having to accompany my daughter in a custody battle for her daughter was excruciating. Fortunately we had Sumner working for us. He is not just a thorough, brilliant, talented, experienced and knowledgeable attorney. He is also a reader of character, and a compassionate and scrupulously honest person. By the time we went to trial he knew our case inside out and he knew every person involved inside out. He had not contented himself with hearing the facts as we related them to him. He dug out every detail, whether for or against us. He insisted on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He did not indulge in shady legal maneuvering. He followed the law to the letter but left no stone unturned. His psychological insight was invaluable in gauging our case and in preparing each one of us for trial. He came to trial uniquely prepared. He was sharp, attentive, nothing escaped him. He thought on his feet and met every challenge square on with impeccable logic. We emerged from this horrendous case with a clear conscience. Sumner won our case with honor. As a fellow attorney, I give him a 10 out of 5. As a fellow human being I find him unparalleled. Sumner is a credit to his profession and a wonderful human being. We love him, respect him and will forever be in his debt.

Sumner Riddick is a force of nature – Posted by Adama, a Child Custody client

Sumner represented one of my best friends in a divorce and custody battle, and I feel compelled to sing his praises. His mix of professionalism, intelligence, persistence, integrity and compassion makes him not just a great attorney, but a great partner you want by your side through one of the toughest journeys in life – divorce & custody. Knowing that he was working on my friend’s case gave me great peace of mind. He is untiring, he has your best interest at heart and he’ll always tell you the truth. He was a saving grace in our lives. With Sumner and his team, rest assured that you have the best and brightest by your side. They give you 100% of everything they have. Thank you Sumner and team to your dedication to justice!

Tenacious, trustworthy, and the attorney who set things RIGHT – Posted by Sam, a Child Custody client

In my opinion, each case is unique to the situation. Depending on that situation, the attorney uses the gathered facts to best present the case. If an attorney advises a client a favorable action plan to support the case, I would accept that plan with considerable weight knowing that he/she knows best due to years of experience. It is also the responsibility of the client to follow the attorney’s advice. Having done so, Sumner Riddick earned a favorable decision for my unique situation. I had a child out of wedlock in the state of Georgia. I was awarded primary custody. For the expense of a custody battle, Sumner Riddick was the best choice.

Sumner is Excellent! – Posted by Greg, a Divorce client

He is very firm and straight to the point which made me comfortable and gave me confidence that my situation was going to work out okay. Sumner and his team also have an extremely good handle on the workings of the Gwinnett County Court System which saved time, cost, and avoided much aggravation spent wondering what was happening on that end of things (I knew what was going on at EVERY STEP). He and his team utilized my funds very efficiently and in a manner that I felt i received very good value for my money, and I received a tally at the end of each month that showed how each penny was spent. Sumner also cared about me as a person (including my health) through this difficult time, which increased my confidence in Sumner and his team in knowing that they really had MY best interests at heart. The numerous awards hanging in the lobby of his office (in my opinion) are not mere tokens of commendation. They are for a job extremely well done and I would recommend Sumner to anyone who is serious about hiring one of the best attorneys in town.

Excellent. Made a tough time much easier – Posted by Bradley, a Divorce client

Mr. Riddick did an exceptional job of explaining the process that I would endure. He and his firm were sensitive to my needs in a very difficult time. They handled everything with professionalism, urgency, and detailed communication. They were always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. Mr. Riddick was always prepared and made certain to have an answer for any possible issues that might arise from opposing counsel. Mr. Riddick was very knowledgeable and his experience in court was evident as he did an amazing job at trial. As negotiations ensued, Mr. Riddick pushed and knew exactly how to handle unreasonable demands. The firm handled billing fairly and was always available to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend Mr. Riddick.

Wonderful – Sumner handled my Divorce / Separation matter.

Divorce is an industry that undoubtedly brings out the worst in people. Sumner Riddick navigates that industry with compassion. I cannot think of a greater thing to say about a divorce attorney. After years of seeing mankind at their worst, he still manages to see you as an individual while assisting you with your legal issues. I was referred to Sumner to handle my divorce. I was impressed from the moment I met him at how quickly he formulated responses. He is quick witted, which is certainly a necessary strength in his position. He was insightful enough to ask questions when necessary to gain an accurate picture of my specific situation. I wanted a legal counselor who was able to think quickly on his feet. I was not disappointed at any point in our relationship. When it came to drafting legal documents, I was exceptionally impressed with his writing skills. I attribute a large portion of my happiness with Sumner’s overall performance to the documents he drafted on my behalf. He was savvy about what to say and eloquent in how he said it. Once we established a goal, Sumner guided me towards it. He helped me stay focused on the goal as he advised me what in his experience was the best way to achieve it. He was consistently upfront with me about what was realistic and what was not. He walked me though what was important to negotiate, and what we needed to concede on. At every turn of a long divorce I was grateful Sumner was my counselor.

An attorney I would refer to friends and family – Posted by Chance, a Child Custody client

I feel very fortunate to have had Sumner represent me in my divorce. Facing one of the most difficult decisions in my adult years, I required not only a qualified attorney to protect my financial assets, but more importantly I required an advocate for Dad Rights. After all I was divorcing my wife, not my children. In short, Sumner was qualified, ethical and compassionate throughout the process. If you desire an attorney that values his client then Sumner is the attorney for you. I have referred Sumner to six of my close friends (two of which were not at all happy with their current attorney) and all six hired Sumner and each was extremely satisfied with his services. Like me they felt Sumner took the emotion out of the transaction and was expeditious in moving them to a favorable resolution. I give Sumner five STARS.

The Best – Posted by L. Clark, a Child Support client

Sumner was really great! he was always fast and to the point which helped start the process and finish it! A lot of lawyers do a lot of talking, but Sumner not only talked but walked his talk. If he said he was going to call or do anything he did within a very timely manner. I would receive either a phone call or email that kept me updated with every step through my process. He helped me receive child support and made sure I received every penny my little girl deserves! I not only recommended Sumner to my mother (which he also help her with a divorce) but I would also recommend Sumner to anyone needing help and needs it fast

A lawyer I would use again – Posted by Chris, a Divorce client

Sumner represented me this past winter and though a difficult divorce, was able to make it a lot more bearable. I felt that he always had my interests at heart and counselled me both professionally as well as